Kate Loudoun Shand is a British artist and designer based in New York. Her very contemporary designs have strong roots in tradition and history.

Kate has worked with pattern for 20 years. A graduate of Saint Martin's College of Art and the Royal College of Art, she is sought worldwide as a trend consultant, and has worked with craftspeople and makers from across the US, Europe, India, & China. Kate has championed mark-making techniques in textile design and has spoken on textiles history at institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum. She is SVP for Design at leading manufacturer for the home CHF Industries.

Kate draws inspiration from all sorts of places and follows no rule, but she tries to bring a sense of joy and adventure to everything she does. Influences on KLS, her first personal line of fabrics, include Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, where she lives, its African-American and Caribbean roots, brownstones and century-old oaks; and her own efforts to combine beauty and practicality in a busy family home with three young kids.

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We work from Kate's initial hand-painted patterns, done in ink, house-paint, gouache, anything she can lay her hands on. Very often a KLS design offers a twist on a traditional motif - stripes, botanicals, brush-marks. The final designs are digitally printed on high-quality, strong linens, imported in small batches from Belgium, and occasionally Ireland.

It's important to Kate to have the early samples in her home, to see how they live and breathe in a room. Something of the fun and gentleness of the designs comes from this part of the process. Every fabric in the line works well with the others; many of the tweaks in color and detail serve this purpose. Often the most striking designs don't make the final cut.

Our fabrics are printed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; our pillows made in Industry City, Brooklyn.

Most KLS fabrics are made to order and delivered in 3 to 5 weeks. As with all fabrics made from natural fibers, some variation in the shade of the base cloth is to be expected. This can have subtle effects on the printed colors.

Our fabrics are suitable for all kinds of home furnishing, upholstery and window treatments.

If you have any questions about the line, please email us at info@kateloudounshand.com. We'll be only too happy to help.